The Many Benefits of Adopting a Dog

The Many Benefits of Adopting a Dog

There are countless benefits to adopting a dog. Not only are dogs classically devoted companions, but studies have shown owning a dog can actually be beneficial to your health! 

Dogs encourage an active lifestyle by nature: the majority of dogs, particularly younger ones, are extremely energetic and need to exercise every single day. The necessity of play for your dog will help motivate you to get out and go for a run or take a long walk around the neighborhood. Soon, this will become part of your daily routine! It’s also always nice to have a companion along for these healthy lifestyle activities. Dogs are also extremely loyal and naturally protective of their spaces and families. A dog could be a great extra security measure for your home! 

Studies have shown that having a dog can positively impact your mental and emotional well-being. The connection between a human and his or her dog transcends intellect and is, therefore, one of the most genuine and nurturing relationships possible (New York Times). Dogs are instinctively empathetic and tend to cater to the people with whom they are bonded when they detect distress. The popularity of emotional support animals (ESA) is increasing rapidly, as more studies support the fact that people with mental and emotional disabilities can benefit from this type of companionship. Even if you do not have a diagnosed disability, the happiness provided by the presence of a friendly and loyal pup is undeniable!

Additionally, adopting a dog from a local shelter is a great thing to do. Most shelters in the United States are overcrowded: there are always dogs waiting to be adopted. These dogs are the most in need, and often, have never had a real home. Adopting a dog and providing him with love and companionship not only changes his life forever but changes yours as well. Dogs are notoriously unconditional in their affection, and once your dog is bonded to you, you truly have a loyal friend for life. 

There are lots of different breeds to choose from, so it’s easy to select a dog to fit into your lifestyle. For example, if you are a very busy person and spend a lot of time out of the house, an English Bulldog may be the right choice for you. If you are highly active, a Jack Russell Terrier could be a great match! There’s a perfect dog out there for everyone: visit your local shelter and see!