The Best Toys to Keep Your Cat Active and Entertained

The Best Toys to Keep Your Cat Active and Entertained

Many cats are more fond of napping than running around and playing, but it’s important for all pets to get a healthy and regular amount of exercise. Lots of cats naturally want to play on their own terms, often having bursts of energy sporadically throughout the day. Regardless of the energy level, there is a huge array of toys available to keep your cat healthy and having fun!


 Wand Toys

One of the most classic and popular cat toys is the wand with a mouse or feather attached to the end. Looking somewhat like a fishing pole, these toys are fun for owners to play with their cats with, and can provide hours of entertainment on both ends. These toys are a great way to help your cat stay active, even if he’s a little sleepier. Most cats can’t resist the urge to trap that feather!


Catnip Mice

If you’re a cat owner, it’s likely you have these scattered around your living room or find them under couch cushions from time to time. These are a time-tested classic - not only do they allow your cat to “hunt,” which many cats do instinctively, but they also contain an oil called “nepetalactone” - the main ingredient in catnip - which gives them a sense of euphoria or overwhelming happiness. These toys require no effort from you, so they’re great for indoor cats who spend a lot of time on their own during the day!


Scratcher Toy

Many indoor cats, especially those with claws, enjoy toys they can scratch. This encourages them to keep the scratching to the designated toys and away from your furniture while also giving your pet a good workout! Many of them come with catnip or little plastic balls to keep their attention. Catnip can also be bought separately and sprinkled on the scratcher to encourage the cat to play with it. 


 Cat Tree

 There’s a huge variety of “cat tree” toys available at pet stores. They come in all different shapes and sizes and it’s likely you can find one to fit whatever kind of space you have. Many of them are customizable and they come in all different materials and textures. That being said, cats love these! They often incorporate suspended toys, ropes, bells, and scratching posts, to give cats a variety and endless hours of climbing and hiding, which are some of a cat’s favorite activities. 


 Whatever cat toys you choose for your home and pet, it’s important to make sure your cat is getting regular exercise in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life!