Earth’s Most Beautiful Rare Birds

Earth’s Most Beautiful Rare Birds


The Golden Pheasant

 Golden Pheasant Bird                                                                               

These gorgeous birds are a great one to start out the list - they are known all across the world for their incredible, golden plumage, and the intricate pattern of layered red feathers at their throats. With a shock of bright yellow along their heads, these birds are a prize to any bird-watcher out there. Generally, they are poor fliers, and spend most of their lives on the ground throughout China, though many live in captivity. 

    The Hyacinth Macaw

    Hyacinth Macaw

    The largest of all parrots, the Hyacinth Macaw is generally found in Brazil, though it is exceedingly rare to spot one in the wilderness. They are famous for their striking cobalt feathers in contrast with the bright yellow rings around their eyes. They have large, strong black bills and extremely long tails. Highly friendly in nature, these parrots have been known to make very good pets.

    The Bohemian Waxwing

    Bohemian Waxwing

    These small birds can be found in the deep forests of North America and could be spotted through the trees by their bright flecks of red and yellow. They have crested heads and black “masks” over their eyes, making them very beautiful and unique creatures. They are known for their high-pitched calls.

    The Keel-Billed Toucan

    Keel-Billed Toucan

    These birds have gigantic, multi-colored beaks that can reach 20 cm in length. These distinctive beaks are usually shades of bright green, red, and yellow in color, and have earned them the nickname “rainbow toucans.” They are highly social birds, usually traveling in flocks and communicating with other birds with the use of their beaks and heavy wings, which impair them from flying very well. They tend to live in trees, hopping from limb to limb.

    The Hoopoe

    Hoopoe Bird

    These unusual birds are easily identified by their pronounced “mohawks” of orange feathers with dark black tips on the tops of their heads. Generally found in Africa and Asia, these birds love sunlight, and tend to live in dusty or sandy environments. They are known for their long, thin, sharp beaks and beautifully intricate black and white wings.

    The Quetzal


    These birds are known worldwide as some of the most gorgeous, with their incredible trains of brightly colored feathers. These trains are known to grow up to three feet long on males and are distinct in their remarkable range of the color green. Quetzals are tropical birds who thrive in rainforest settings and are most commonly found in Guatemala, though they are quite rare.